Doctoral Research

What is post doctoral research?

As the term implies post-doctoral research is a research program which can be undertaken after having completed PhD or having earned a doctorate degree. Post-doctoral research program is undertaken to further develop specific skills and knowledge, and the entity which sponsors the research expects certain measurable outcomes from research, the researchers who undergo post-doctoral research also have a definite notion regarding what they would be contributing. Research implies the creation of knowledge, knowledge created gets added to the entire body of knowledge, and such knowledge is applied in industries and organizations for the betterment of human life. 

Researchers contribute by creating new knowledge or expand past knowledge and showing their applicability, in this regard they are expected to publish their works in journals and magazines. Research work should be properly documented and interpreted. Research can be undertaken into several fields like science, humanities, arts and culture, economics, social subjects, business, etc. In present time, the priority fields for conducting research are Agricultural Sciences; Economics; Education; Energy, Sustainable Development and Climate Change; Environment; International Relations; Management and Leadership Development; Media and Communications; Public Administration; Public Health; Science and Technology.  Post-doctoral research is generally sponsored by eminent private foundations, corporations or the Government. The duration of post-doctoral research can be one or two years. Post-doctoral researchers may be required to conduct independent research or be assigned under a supervisor.

People who are passionate about creating knowledge and academics can aim to pursue post doctorate research. To be eligible for post-doctoral research program the researcher should have a PhD degree; in most cases the researchers also need to have a requisite number of publications to their credit. Well known post doctorate research programs provide the needed facilities, structure,guidance and resources for conducting research. These offer an opportunity to the researchers to establish themselves as high level academicians and earn a reputation in their own chosen fields.