Training Camps for PhD

PhD Coach from time to time organizes training camps for PhD aspirants and for scholars who have already started their PhD programs. In these camps the aspirants and scholars get an opportunity to interact face to face with councilors and subject matter experts and also with their counterparts who may be facing similar problems and concerns. 

Training programs comprise of one to one and group interactions and discussions, presentations by eminent scholars, institutions, industry experts, researchers and academicians. This type of a high level interaction platform helps the aspirants in getting a better and deeper understanding and sharper goal clarity.

During a training program an attendee can:

  • Assess the significance of getting a PhD.
  • Get to know about the various PhD programs conducted by the various institutes.
  • Compare the PhD programs.
  • Choose a program that best fits personal requirements.
  • Decide the subject for PhD.
  • Get a complete understanding of PhD course contents.
  • Get an understanding of the skills and knowledge required to undertake a PhD program.
  • Start planning for a PhD program on aspects such as time management and sponsorship.
  • Get an understanding of Research Methodologies.
  • Know how to write and present a thesis.
  • Know how to write and present PhD level articles.
  • Choose possible topics for thesis submission.
  • Know how to find a guide.
  • Discuss problems with councilors and subject matter experts.
  • Get career counseling.
  • Identify lacunas and work out a personal development plan.
  • Chart out a career path.
  • Get an opportunity to know of various researches being conducted in his/her field of interests.
  • Get to know about the various publications being brought out in subject of interest.
  • Get an opportunity to interact with eminent researchers and scholars.
  • Get to know current information and news on subject of interest.
  • Get to know the arenas of research which are currently in priority.
  • Develop professional contacts and links.