Why should you hire a Coach

There is always a need of mentor, faculty, teacher, or a coach if a student is planning for higher studies. If we talk about doing Phd. then, in countries like India it is very difficult to complete it without any professional help.

The coach will refine the write-ups in every possible manner. The coach will help to make the task of writing easier, and in fact help student to make their work more productive. The coach will take mostly all of the pressure of a student, who knows’ that a student need not have to preoccupy over every sentence. He/she will complete take care of things like:

  • Topic selection

  • Proposal writing

  • Sentence structure

  • Grammar and formatting

Moreover, a coach will help student, or reassure them; if someone else is reading their proposal/dissertation, or thesis then there must be a proper flow of sentences which make sense and other can easily understand them.

Working with a coach can also be particularly helpful for students who are nonnative English speakers; like in India, we may find students who are logically good in subjects but are not good at languages like English. Therefore, a coach help will make such students to explain their ideas well in English. This will indeed help students not to lack behind in expressing their good ideas to reader.

Meanwhile, students can find different types of coaches depending upon their needs. For example: there are coaches for doctoral dissertations. Some coaches focus on the mechanics of writing; as discussed earlier such as grammar, spelling, sentence structure, flow, and readability for the target audience. Some focus exclusively on format steadiness. Others focus on the overall organization of students’ write-up. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a coach for areas in which a student is weak. It will constantly help students to add some more points to their write-ups.