PhD Coaching

PhD Coaching - How it is different

Coaching is guidance rendered during a learning process by an individual or group having more expertise in the subject, so as to bring about the desired results within the stipulated time. It has been said that more heads are better than one, at PhD coach teams of experts work together to assist PhD aspirants.

PhD Coach offers guidance to students in all aspects of the PhD program. PhD coaching includes the following:

Course help: People pursuing PhD need to undertake a detailed course work within a very short duration of time, many of them may be working while undergoing their PhD program. A thorough grasp of the course ware is compulsory for successfully completing the program. Course ware help is provided through assisting in choosing correct references, getting answers to difficult problems and queries, short notes and summaries, explanation for difficult terms and content, tracking the origins of a concept for better conceptual clarity etc.

Research help: People pursuing PhD need to undertake research in a chosen topic and report the findings in their thesis. PhD coach provides assistance in deciding topic, working out the research plan and method and in report writing, choosing the correct research instruments, identifying appropriate sources of secondary research, planning the field survey, devising a sample plan and construction of questionnaires, statistical analysis and inference of data.

Writing Help: PhD scholars need to produce several high quality and lengthy publications during their program tenure. PhD coach can assist them in choosing the articles, choosing the references, structuring their write ups in accordance with journal writing standards, enhancing the language and content of the write-ups, editing the write-ups, getting the write-ups peer reviewed before submission.

Preparing for Viva Voce: Viva voce and oral tests are an important part of a PhD program, scholars are expected to defend and support their findings with proper citations, data and references. PhD coach prepares the students by providing them mock oral/objective tests on their chosen topic.